My name is Laura Wenande and I am the owner and artist behind the camera of L.O. Imijri Photography and Design! My husband and I moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he currently serves as an optometrist for the United States Army. We recently welcomed a baby girl, and I am loving my new role as her mom!

We are originally from Mitchell, South Dakota and love to visit family. Because of this, I will still continue serving Mitchell and the surrounding areas when I am back! If you are from South Dakota and looking to book a session or a wedding, please email me! (I am typically back "home" for a week every 1-2 months. Sometimes longer if I have multiple weddings booked back-to-back.) If you are from Oklahoma, I am now booking sessions and weddings and would love to work with you!

I was formally introduced to photography in 2007 when I took a photography class in college and had my first darkroom experience. I spent a lot of time in the dark room and enjoyed every minute developing my photographs. As much as I loved that entire process, I currently work and now shoot only digital, which allows me to edit my images, bringing them to another level. Overall, portraiture is my favorite type of photography. I favor candid moments that capture the emotion during my sessions/weddings, but also value "picture frame/posed" shots.

Art has always been a passion of mine and creating art has always been a favorite pastime. I am so lucky to be able to do this for a living. I get to be creative everyday, meet new people, and catch up with previous clients. Photography has become a part of who I am and also who I plan to be. I continually work to improve my skills and will never stop doing so. Photography will always be the driving force in my artistic vocation.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please take the time to look through my galleries and contact me if you would like to book a session! If you do not see a package that meets your needs, please contact me and we can work together to set up a customized session that is perfect for you.

I hope to meet and work with you!
(Photo by Amanda Moreno)