Bobbi + Chase | Masonic Temple Wedding Venue

Bobbi and Chase's fall wedding at the Masonic Temple in Mitchell, South Dakota was a truly unforgettable event. The couple had always dreamed of a classic and elegant wedding, and the Masonic Temple provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Getting Ready

The day began with the bride and her bridesmaids getting their hair done at Prestige hair salon. Bobbi wore a stunning long-sleve lace gown with delicate beading and intricate detailing, and her hair was styled in loose curls. Her bridesmaids wore matching blue dresses and carried bouquets of ivory, green, and pampas adding a touch of boho elegance to the proceedings.

The Boys

Chase and his groomsmen spent the morning getting ready on the second floor of the Masonic Temple, donning stylish black vests, beige suit jackets, and jeans. Oh - and can't forget the hats! The groom and groomsmen hung out on the second floor of the Masonic Temple, chatting and playing pool.

First Look

Before the ceremony, Bobbi and Chase decided to do a first look on the Masonic Temple's stunning second floor. As Chase turned around to see his beautiful bride in her gown for the first time, the room filled with love. The moment was filled with raw emotion, and the Masonic Temple's elegant decor provided the perfect backdrop for the intimate moment. After the first look, the couple took some time to take photos together and with their bridal party, capturing the magic of their special day in the stunning setting of the Masonic Temple.

Wedding Party Photos

Before the wedding ceremony, Bobbi and Chase wanted to take some special photos with their bridal party. The farm provided a picturesque setting, with rolling fields and a rustic barn adding to the charm of the photoshoot. The bridesmaids looked stunning in their blue dresses. The group had a lot of fun together, with laughter and jokes filling the air. The photoshoot was a perfect way for Bobbi and Chase to spend some time with their closest friends before the big day, and the memories captured in the photographs will be cherished for years to come. Of course, before we left, we had to grab a few more photos of just Bobbi + Chase! They brought a vintage teal couch for a few photos, which fit their overall theme so well!


The ceremony took place in the Frieden's Reformed Church, with its high ceilings and ornate decor providing the perfect setting for the occasion. As the bride walked down the aisle, guests couldn't help but be moved by the love and joy in the air. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows in front of their closest family and friends, with the church's grand architecture adding to the sense of occasion.

Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy cocktail hour at the Masonic Temple's. The space had been transformed into a cozy and inviting area, with vintage lights strung up. Guests sipped on cocktails and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres before dinner. The room had been transformed into a vision of classic elegance, with crisp white linens and gold accents adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings.

While guests gathered at the Masonic Temple, Bobbi, Chase, the bridal party, and select friends made a quick stop at a bar on the way to the reception space. They grabbed a drink, took a shot with everyone, and danced on the party bus!

Dinner + Dancing

The newlyweds' first dance was a beautiful moment, with the Masonic Temple's grand ballroom providing the perfect setting. As the night progressed, guests enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by County Fair. The desserts by Michelle's Mad Batter were the perfect way to conclude the meal. The night was filled with laughter and dancing, with guests taking turns on the dance floor and a live band providing the music. The Masonic Temple's grand ballroom was filled with the warmth of love and the glow of candlelight, as the newlyweds celebrated their first night as husband and wife.

...and they lived happily ever after!

It was a perfect ending to a perfect day, and Bobbi and Chase will always cherish the memories of their fall wedding at the Masonic Temple. In conclusion, Bobbi and Chase's fall wedding at the Masonic Temple was a truly magical event. The venue provided the perfect backdrop for their classic and elegant wedding, with its grand architecture and ornate decor adding to the sense of occasion. From the heartfelt ceremony to the lively reception, the day was filled with love and joy, and the memories will last a lifetime.


Wedding venue - Frieden's Reformed Church

Reception Venue - Masonic Temple

Hair - Prestige Salon

Dress - The Bridal Gallery 

Flowers - Mother of the Bride and Bride

Bus - The Night Train 

Food, Cookies, and Bars - County Fair

Cake and cupcakes - Michelle's Mad Batter 

Decorations - Family