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Composite Team

As a business grows, so does its team. Group photos are great but they can be difficult to update when members change or grow over time. A great solution is to create a composite team photo. This allows you to keep your team photo current without bringing everyone back into the studio every time the team changes.

Pricing is $475 for up to 5 people or $95 per person over 5 team members.


Composite Team + Head Shots

Do any members of your team need an updated head shot that will be different than the full body image used for the composite team shot? Additional individual head shots can be added for $75 per person. This includes one additional head shot download of the client's choice.


Individual Head Shots Only

If you aren't needing a composite team image. Sometimes it's nice to have a few options of head shots to use for different uses, whether that be for your website, email sign off, social media, or a billboard! Individual head shot pricing is as follows:

1 Digital Download $125

2 Digital Downloads $175

3 Digital Downloads $215

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